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About Me

I started training dogs about 7 years ago and am a Graduate of the Master Dog Training Program at National K9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus Ohio. I also co-owned and worked with a well respected local training facility for many years. I am also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. I am certified to work in many different dog training fields from Assistance Dogs to Police K9. Though these types of training have their unique rewards, I have decided to focus Katie's Dog Training on America's beloved family dog. I myself have two amazing dogs, a Pomeranian named Jazzy and a large mixed breed named Luka. The loyalty and companionship that a well behaved dog offers is an amazing experience. I want to share this experience with as many families that I can. This is why I am training your dog or puppy and coaching your family. Your dog or puppy has the ability to enhance your life and the life of your whole family if he/she is given the proper guidance.

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Dog Trainer in Lebanon, TN

Monitoring food and water intake are key to potty training. You have to know when and what goes in to know when and what is going to come out.

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