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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my dog too old or too young to begin training?

Katie's Dog Training offers different training programs to fit different lifestyles and training goals. All programs start with a private evaluation. I service all of the Nashville Area, including but not limited to Lebanon, Gallatin, Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville.

My life is very busy and hectic; do I have enough time to put into training a Puppy or Dog?

The key to training you dog is Consistency not Time. As long as you and your family are willing to put a few minutes a day into your dog's obedience, I can show you how to interact with your dog on a daily basis in a way that promotes good behavior.

Has my Dog or Puppy been doing this bad behavior so long that there is no way to fix it?

Dogs are very amazing in the sense that they live in the moment. This means that behavior problems can be fixed no matter if the behavior has been happening for a week or over a span of many years. Through training we can show your dog how to behave in a new way that is positive and well-balanced.

Is my Dog or Puppy's behavior problem too severe to be fixed?

It is very rare when a behavior problem is too severe to be fixed. This applies to all problems from housetraining to aggression. If you have concerns over the severity of your dog's issues, please call and we can discuss your situation, I will then give you my honest opinion and let you know if I think a training program would be a success and make a difference for your dog and family.

I have multiple Dogs that are displaying behavior issues, can multiple issues be fixed?

It does not matter how many dogs or problems are involved in your situation. We can develop a training plan that involves fixing all behavior problems and evaluating each dog in the family.

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